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A More Than Common Story-By Eddie. J

Updated: Apr 2, 2023

Back in 2013, Just when college grad was in my gunsight I asked a college peer friend of mine to shoot something for me and not to stress on the edit, deliver it on the universe's time.

Fast forward 8 years:

Tonight, just I was mentally fretting in too many ways over too many things, I hear "Ding" It's messenger, Edward Jeanveau:"Sorry this took so long"

I see the link included, and "Whaaat way!" I replied

'No sorry needed. love it. Man talk about perfectly hitting a deadline! This really made me smile. It was SO So good to see all, (what the prof Yura M said we would always consider ourselves as by the end of course) 'the family', class of 2013. Bias aside, Bar non , we were the best ever grad class of all time , lets just get that right (wink). And not only within my own program, I was grateful too have to worked with other talents across other programs. I often asked for and enthusiastically got help from then radio broadcast, drama, digital cinematography students in order to add the best outcome for my tasked productions. Our college profs at that time encouraged cross over sharing of media talents. Not only that, local photographers from amateur to professionals and many friends were often willing to help an assignment come together. So were many local establishments and city run locations, willing to allow me to invade their space for location needs. Held to high standards, our 2013 group took feedback about our efforts or lack of that might make a lessor student cry, but then we would just own it, try harder, do better, in the days passing the buck wasn't a thing.

Seeing this today makes me hope we all do our best to end to Covid-19. No media student should have too miss the experience of having your name called, making that walk and feeling proud to hold you diploma after what you and team of classmates worked so hard to have earned.

The landscape has changed for media no doubt. Students right now are learning in a complete different situation I find hard to imagine even when explained by my lil buddy in there now. I'll only advise to any a future media artist type of student, especially those going anywhere toward news. "always give credit where credit is due" "claim responsibility, admit your mistakes'. Believe in your abilities, purse your passion. Find a mentor. Lastly, and you will be faced with this, always maintain your integrity, don't let anyone misuse your talents. We all see the result today too often of that. Stay well out there


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