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a freelance media producer’s good bye to winter words

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

While winter has in the past provided me with some big opportunities commercially, for me at least it usually turns into administration season.

There's always something that can be done, better and so on and so forth wearing your sole proprietor hat.

Editing in the winter season is a common thing, weddings especially & everything admin including website backend is as well. A winter thing I like is coming across folders of photos from days gone by that I sometimes forget about until I do. Even more so is

finding photos like this

will often put me me back in touch with the models/ subjects involved, and it's good to hear from them .

The recent taste of summer days to come were so welcomed this recent weekend past. An enjoyable good tease until it actually gets here, we are not in the clear yet.

North Bay landscape photography North Bay landscape photography
North Bay photography landscape Greenwoods with Sun North Bay photography landscape Green woods with sun

So this blog is just conversation for you

as I'm trying something new on the new services offered through my website host. I've never really wanted to put a blogger in order to have commentary and stuff but this new app they have it looks like kind of fun so you or anyone may join if they wish...

An idea to do over the summer is invite people to go ahead and write an article, perhaps about what they do, informing people how to do things in their profession better or maybe you have a concern that's going on in a very important field like healthcare that would help awareness or cause solution based ideas

If you have a website maybe I could, write an article in that same way I as a guest on your blog

Been discussing these ideas, will see where it goes.


.... you know how glamours it is I don't need to tell you 😉

We don't get much summer in these parts so let's make the most of it, rejuvenate!



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