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We all know the saying, "you get what you pay for". This may sound cliché but we have proven this too many times. It breaks our heart many times a year when couples come back asking us to fix their wedding film because they chose another company claiming to provide the same quality for less of budget. The sad reality is that there isn't much we can do if it was shot poorly. A wedding is very complicated and stressful to capture. Live events are unpredictable and require the attention and skill of a professional team. Please take this into consideration. This is an investment that will last a lifetime.




Main Feature Film: 15 - 20 minutes in length

Highlights Film: 4-6 minutes in length

Full Ceremony Edit

All Speeches Captured

Filmed in HD

Digital Copies




Highlights Film: 4-6 minutes in length

Full Ceremony Edit

All Speeches Captured

Filmed in HD

Digital Copies




Love Story Film

Rehearsal Coverage 

RAW Footage

*Since 2014, we haven't raised our wedding package pricing. However, June 5th/2024 our Enchanting package has gone from 3500 to 3700. Our Endearing package has gone from 5000 to 5500. It now being 10 years later in 2024, we hope you see the value and fairness in this minimal increase. All bookings made previous to June 5/2014 are not affected by this . Thank you


Payment Options:

We are very flexible with our payment options. We completely understand that weddings cost a lot so we try to find a solution to make it easier for you to afford cinematography. We accept cheque, cash, interact e-transfer and credit card. Here is the typical example of a payment schedule. 

30% Deposit 

40% Within two weeks after the wedding is filmed

30% On delivery of product (This will be 3 - 8 months after the event)

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We have no set pricing we would list here.  We find each project unique in size and scope. We consider many factors when suiting a price to your specific project. Will it require assistants, second shooters,  a dedicated audio specialist, copy-write acquirement and a myriad of other things.  For these reasons, we ask that you please contact us for a personalized quote.
We do have have some guideline pricing we can offer, and we are known for trying to help work with your budget

FOR PHOTOGRAPHY: Photography is also a passion we have. While only a small preview, every photo on this site was captured by Shannon.  Some of his photos have appeared in magazines, CBC online among other websites and on the walls of homes and business establishments. Note that all images on this site are shot by MTCP. If you have not seen our work through other media services and require examples of a specific nature, we can arrange that for you. 

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Thank You for visiting. We hope you enjoyed  our Videography and Photography

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