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Kayleigh & Mitchell

Updated: Mar 1, 2023

One fine day in Temiskaming Shores, I finally got to meet the couple that Covid had delayed

Worth the wait to meet them. The masks were still suitable, luckily since I showed up with a split chin that hospital time for stitches the night before ran out, left unstitched in favour of sleep.

Surrounded by the serious talent of hockey players attending, Mitchell among them and too is Kayleigh's sister, I felt in the right place to be injured. Filming with my great friend Jordan Presseault, so glad he made the trip...capturing this genuinely happy couple at long last along with the loving family and friends that you could just tell will last more than most, was a pleasurable day indeed at Temiskaming Shores

Pease enjoy these extended highlights, and thanks for allowing us to tell the story.

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