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Farewell 2020-Bring it on 2021-Best Wishes

I won't go on about the obvious challenges this year presented to all of us in Canada and around the world. As this collage, sent to me by a crew member reminds me, there are and will be times again when we are all working toward a common purpose, without fear of close contact. From a live streamed production we directed, also providing all AV and staging services for a great client. We did this in 2019 as well. Thanks Crew!


We hope for everyone a safe enjoyable holidays. Special thank you to our front liners of course heroes all. Extra blessings extended to those who have lost the battle to the pandemic, or any other untimely loss. Parallels, but no comparison to today, here is a glimpse of our prior first responders preparedness. Long before todays its seems, "who knew?" Thankful for them all past present. Watch if ya like.

To close, really wish all the best to everyone. :)) thank you to those helping and inspiring us to get through.

2021, may we figure out how to come together and not be divided when we need to most.


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