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Updated: Feb 18, 2023

Media North Bay

I started a new venture on a year long contract with The Lab and I were awarded funds by the Ontario Arts Council as part of their Compass grant initiative. This grant will have me working one full year with the lab performing the following duties as Program Assistant: Provides assistance in support of one or more programs for a non-profit organization, including fundraising, budgeting, and community outreach. Schedules meetings or special events and answers questions from the community or donors. Assists in the creation of promotional materials or solicitations/informational mailings. Generates reports detailing the status of programs or projects. NOTE: I will still continue my freelance video/photo work, though of course it would be case by case selection of accepting work. If your project meets my schedule and your deadline. then it shall be done. Please inquire via the contact us page. Thank you.

Revision:: 2021 I revisited the lab assistant community services on an as needed basis, contract to help them with the move and their purchase of new new equipment and helping with rentals. There is a new Exexutive Director., Sharon Switzer, taking over from the labs, long-standing, initial creator, Holly Cunningham in that role Holly was an artist"s artist, a creator "s creator of vision . Her dedication and hard work in to create programs , provide service , creat employment opportunity for artists, in everything she did , it was with the artist in mind first formost.

While I'm still in touch with this lab for now the contract has run its course.

Well, not the same since Covid, digital creator is up and running again , program designed it, helping young artist. Jameson Toye has become. The face you will see in your dealings with a lot of at the front. If you visit their website when that he built by the way you can see how the lab has come out Covid.

May the lab continue for many years and run with the same passion for helping artists of all types in appreciation to work started by its creator, Holly Cunningham , whom I met in the labs first office , while she was working alone working tirelessly at turning a vision it into what it is today. .

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