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To AI or not to AI- As a pro photographer, IS that or has that been Your question?

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

Without much further announcement or caution toward the real concerns of its negative potential, I found the it was surprisingly under little fuss lasting more than a week before was the announcement, launch and subsequent acceptance of the widespread launch of AI technologies.

Without even having a grip on consequences of relatively new to our society introduced algorithm technology, hardy discused yet is a open secret to many too as it is very clear to me, has been the negative effects of that, absent but not alone wondering why no outcry about it, the AI... I still refer to it as the unleashing AI rather than the launch.

I've been hesitant to use AI technology within my editing suites.

I tend to think more macro than micro, which I think accounts for my opinions and rationales I'm speaking about.

Like the obvious problems that algorithms are playing for me easy to see as the cause of a lot of our issues today I find sad that is has been accepted with no fuss and most are pretty much oblivious to manipulation of their own data used to control and keep our attention on a device that in its design is inherently built into it an ability to have us biased lean towards combative divisive conflict and disagreement.

I'm not sure why, other than in its well insidiously genuis by design nature , that we would not complain or all be up in arms about this in the face of published increasingly alarming stats clearly showing even deaths related factually data tied directly to a platforms , ie reported was the plain using of algorithms and resulting outcomes stats like Facebook., to have shown inarguably to have increased sevenfold over just the year before..why I feel alone to and lucky to have seen the one day, hardly reported story on that.

Regardless I went ahead and used AI tools as a way to expand to make larger this once vertical shot. Certainly powerful and I can see how many accept it even are fascinated using it gleefully. Leaving this so far to only actors and writers to stand up to its harmful potentials knowing how many jobs can be eliminated by it , sadly is the case.

How old you don't have to be to remember how everything was so different only what seems now the ancient times of 2012 . Remember when we actually had control over our privacy? Pre algorithms platforms did not make unique every single person's Facebook or if we happen upon something negative on YouTube it did not not continually feed us more negative plethora of choices that potentially could turn many a depressed, down on thier luck , lost job or plain mad at the world person into mass shooter at the worst or a sorely misinformed conspiratorial thinker at best

What if nothing else can explain the quick rapid decline of real communication we once had as well as the quick decline of the respect toward each other vs our once only 12 or so yrs ago more humane state of affairs and more concerned treatment of one another. Kind of a rhetorical question . I am only able to account for the rapid disappearing of empathy by observance that I can only otherwise explain in my opinion by perhaps a the huge increase in the use of antidepressants in the form of SSRIs that do harm in long-term damage of our once natural sense of humility and virtue to be empathetic. I haven't heard the latest reported numbers on the percentage of population that in one them in a quoted a awhile ago but it was then an enormous high percentage number when last I saw it reported on a substantial supported documentary. Completely flying under the radar forever has been that as well, but I digress from my initial AI concern.

I would think it would serve us all well to really think about prior subject objectively. i'm not sure why we are all ao are accepting of this known and open never before seen in scale manipulation to our behaviours.

All that said:

My second use of AI as a tool in my editing software, did help me achieve an edit of my liking.

Model :Natasha Landress

Model  natsha L. looks down from an overhang at the photographer backdrop is bricks of a bridge
Photography North Bay.

Not trying to bring ya down , but it doesn't hurt to think and or beware of facts when speaking about such consequential technologies. Especially, seems to me when not enough anyone else will.

Share this if you wonder the same.

Have a blessed day.



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