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Youth Driven Arts | Black Water Arts Collective

Updated: Apr 2, 2023

This video just released for public view, we are happy share to it! We had a great time filming the documentation of this project and found it inspiring. We hope our take of only part of their journey might help to inspire other young artists to do what they love and others who see it to support it. If you like, you can help too by sharing and encouraging future projects like this.


The Black Water Arts Collective is: Artistic Co-coordinators - Imogen Clendenning, Coral Joy, Chelsee Lefebvre. This collective's project was run out of the White Water Gallery in Downtown North Bay, Ontario Sponsored by: White Water Gallery, Near North Mobile Media Lab, CHEAPSKATES, Downtown North Bay, Home Hardware, Building Centre & Furniture Stores and in part us as well. Funding for the project made possible by the Ontario Arts Council. The work is displayed on the wall of CHEAPSKATES: 274 Main Street East, North Bay, Ontario



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