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Updated: Apr 2, 2023

r":The Lived Experience of Anishinaabe People with Cancer A Focus on Indigenous Healing

Not quite a wrap-but a better more solid direct-able crew, able to keep up with my run and gun style of shooting, I could not have asked for better.

Seven attributes

Helping to producing this work with driving force behind it all, Cindy Peltier, who, as much did the participants of her work, put her heart into this.



Cancer, To quote from the interview recordings. "This is real", very, and it has touched most everyone somehow in someway. The film so far has taught me much. Cancer is Cancer. Painful all it touches regardless of ones profession station or creed. This adaption of her thesis, hours of voice recording interviews turned poetry, hopes to creatively and visually shed light on cancer from cultural perspective not generally considered by not only the public, moreover, the western medical system. Not to make victims of, but to offer the gift of empathy to those without knowing cannot provide

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