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Ruby's Story Reaches People All Over The World.

Ruby and Grandson outsite her nonagon home in New Liskard, ON

I am glad Margaret Merta and I met as we did so that I was able to be her filmmaker to document something she knew she had have done. We both got more than we bargained for, meeting Ruby Bisson on taping day for the first time. We said our hellos, set up cameras, Ruby sat down, and spoke. I hope you too see how she speaks for herself in a way I wouldn't attempt to summarize.

"it has to be Gratitude in everything you do:", Ruby Bisson



We hope you too enjoy the story.

I thought I would also include Ruby's post here so you could see for yourself how it was shown to the world in this single post. Also, Ruby still heals people at a rate of five people a day in her remote Northern Ontarian town. If you want be one you can find her here.

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